Novi Sad hotel or hostel?

Advantages and features of a Hostel compared to hotel

Hotel or hostel in Novi Sad?

Have you ever stayed in a hostel? You want to be richer for that expirience? We will give you some reasons why you should stay in the Downtown hostel Novi Sad rather than hotel. Hostel in an historic setting in the heart of the city of Novi Sad is the right accommodation for your visit to Novi Sad. Staying in the city of Novi Sad centre hostel is great option for you and your family. A budget stay needn't mean compromising on quality, hostels have evolved and are a great place to meet other travellers and help you meet the locals easier. Make lasting friendships and feel heartfelt hospitality. Did we help in your decision?



  Downtown hostel is the best located hostel in Novi Sad, in city center, in pedestrian zone. From our place, you discover the city very easy . In the morning when you wake up and look out the window, first what you see, you see main square , and behaviour of citizien of Novi Sad. You can feel the spirit of this beautiful city, with one view, that Downtown hostel offer to you.


Beautiful old and unique building

  The building on the corner of the Liberty Square, in which the hostel is located, is best known as the "Iron Man Palace", because of the knight in armor at the top of the building. The "Iron Man" refers to the armor of a medieval knight found in the two-storey building built on the Liberty Square during the 19th century. There is no hotel in Novi Sad with such a central position as a Downtown hostel.


Good prices

  Have you ever stayed in city center for reasonable price? Save your money for next trip, but have full comfort in dorm or private room.


Private rooms

  You will get private room, if you are couple, family, or you need some privacy to get rest. Even multibed rooms can be used as a single or double room.


Knowledgeable staff

  You have never been in Novi Sad? Downtown hostel staff is available 24h, and will help you to discover the city, and make you feel like you are at home. They know the city well and they are here to give you great advice on things to do, what to eat, where to go.


Meeting other people

  If you are alone traveler, give yourself a chance to meet some other travelers, maybe you wouldn’t travel alone anymore. Listen experience of other people where to go and what to see. Visit places which may give you more insight into the local people life.


Group accommodation

  If you are looking for hotel in Novi Sad for group of 40-50 persons, to stay together in few rooms, you can't find it. Hostels are places for making a great memories of trip to Novi Sad. Dance fest competitors, cultural and sporting events, students, group visiting to Novi Sad, you are welcome to Downtown hostel.


Hostel facilities

  You don’t want to spend your money for some restaurants, because you want to cook in fully equipped kitchen that Downtown hostel offer to you? Good decision. Free coffee and tea at any moment. Strong WiFi available in all rooms. Communicate with your family and friends without disruption.

  • Hostel benefits

      Hostels are much cheaper than hotels. Hostels in Novi Sad are inexpensive with prices as low as 10 eur. Stay with us in unique historic palace. You’ll meet people from all over the world. Quality Standards. Free cofee and tea. Free wifi. Fully equipped kitchen. Washing machine. Visit us and check out our other benefits to you with hostel in Novi Sad.

  • Hotel disadvantages

      Hotels will cost more than hostels. Hotels are generally quite expensive. When you plan a big group vacation, hotel can't be affordable solution. No free cafee or tea. Sudden and unexpected room checks from maids or other staff, such as hotel plumbers or repairmen.

Accommodation Novi Sad Rated

"I stayed here for 3 nights and all I can say is that I am very satisfied with the service and especially with the softness of the bed! I had such an excellent good night sleep! Even the hostel is in very center of the city it is not noisy at all. The hostel stuff is very polite."

- Isabelle, Barcelona, Spain

"The hotel is really well located, so close to bars, restaurant, river, beaches, markets... And the receptionist is the kindest and coolest person, she showed us the nice place to go and have fun, the quiet places too away from tourist but with people from Novi sad... I really recommand it, it's clean and you can kind of feel like home."

- Lou Kacen, Brussels, Belgium

"Downtown Hostel was really great. The dorm room was clean and the beds were comfy, the staff was really friendly and the location is perfect. Would always check in there again. It was a 20minute walk to the amazing beach and Novi Sad is the perfect place to relax and regain some strength."

- Laura, Dresden, Germany